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The Truth Deserves a Bodyguard of Lies….


Fort Lauderdale, August 2006:  Or so said Winston Churchill about secrecy and war, but the same might be said for the American family.  In Cats in a Chowder, the viciously funny and compelling novel by Fred J Schneider, the Sisler family flails through a sump of their own secrets and deceptions. And who better to guard those lies than its youngest son, and newest communicant, Robin, a Catholic surprise with a few sticky secrets of his own.

After years of questionable guidance from most things holy, Brooklynite ― and devout Yankee hater ― Harry Sisler determines to be his own god, leading his family to the wilderness of 1950's Long Island where the Ronkonkoma trees are filled with ticks and the air squeaks. There he is driven by two moronic prophecies: that he will raise a centerfielder better than "the damn DiMaggio," and that he will die promptly at the age of fifty.

      But Harry's wife, Agatha, has her own ideas, in fact she has her own god, and she's going to appease him by offering her son Robin to the priesthood, the way Harry would offer him to baseball.

In this Lenten chowder of madness, desperate schemes of evacuation boil. Harry (one prophesy dead now) leaves the family to chase his fortune to the new gold rush, the Alaskan pipeline. It is there, however, that he must come face to face with his second prophesy ― and last chance to be right about something ― the timing of his own death. 

Only the prodigal son Robin can save him. But for that to happen, Robin must shake his nagging ambiguity and become a man in is own right… and he'd better hurry.


About the Author:

With his wife Robin and daughters Casey and Summer, Fred J Schneider makes his home in Saranac Lake, NY looking out over six waves of Adirondack mountains.

During the horrific dawn of disco, when the whole country was blinded by that insipid mirrored ball, he railed against the machine, exhausting his college years (and tuition) wearing a sweat-rimmed Met hat and quixotically paying homage to the, alas, all-too-mortal Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin. It was useless, yet embers still burn.

A humor essayist on Public Radio, Fred's follow up novel, One Less Squirrel in Swellsville, is slated for publication in September 2008.




Publication:   Cats in a Chowder

Author: Fred J. Schneider

Trade Paperback and Hardcover  

ISBN:  1-59526-429-9                       ISBN:        1-59526-428-0

Pages:  240                                         Pages:        240

Price:  $                                              Price:         $

Size:  6 x 9                                         Size:           6 x 9


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